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Tyrannosaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Spinosaurus

The Battle


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Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Spinosaurus
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Both dinosaurs are within a few feet so I wont give a size or weight advantage if i did it would be like polar bear vs. a kodiak bear there both very close in size. Well tyrannosaurus is meant to hunt big game and there are facts that state that spinosaurus ate fish and his jaw wasnt even near as powerful but would pack a mighty punch against a trex. Both animals lived at different times and on different continents so this fight would never happen but what the heck. The tyrannosaurus would probably stare at the spinosaurus for a second the same for the spinosaurus
rex charges in while spino waits in a defensive position

Rex roars as his stomps towards spino. Rex snaps at spino's thigh and spino whips him with his tail rex falls back and hits a tree falling down he attempts to get back up while spino slowly walks in for the kill. Rex is still trying to get back up spino stops right above rex and roars rex gets time to get up and comps spinos arm off. Spino roars in pain and grabs rex's head rex shakes it off and spino bleeding comps onto rexs shoulder rex roars and uses his bodyweight to push spinosaurus down tyrannosaurus bleeding preety badly walks in for the kill as spinosaurus cant get back up with only one arm he is defenseless rex walks up then spino bites rex's foot and rex roars and snaps spinos neck with his one bite kill.
The Tyrannosarus might die from the scars but he survived the battle and will have a good meal before he dies....if he dies.
Spinosaurus feels a breeze that cools his body. He sniffs the air, a fishy smell is in the breeze. He looks down at the river and see's a large fish he grabs onto it quickly, throws it on land, and steps on it so it cant escape. Quickly he begins to eat the fish. STOMP! Spino looks up then goes back to eating. STOMP! Again from the Trees. Spino swallows the carcass and goes to investigate. STOMP! SWISH! A tyrannosauruus charges from the trees at an unsuspecting spinosaurus.
The ryannosaurus chages at the Spinosaurus but flies backward after being hit by Spinosaurus's tail. Tyrannosaurus quickly gets up and spino is charging at tyrannosaurus grabbing onto rex's shoulder, roaring, tyrannosaurus pushes spino back using hiis weight. Tyrannosaurus charges spino and bites his top spine as it begins to rip, spino roars and, grabs onto rex's hip. Rex lets go of his death grip and falls back. Spino is bleeding badly as weel as his foe. There is a standoff. Suddenly both dinosaurus charge head on, and collide. Tyrannosaurus is above spino, and now grabs onto his spines. Spino under Trex is no able to get a an easy kill. He bites Tyrannosaurus's unprotected organs. Tyrannosaurus lets go stands suprised momentairly then falls over dying. He roars as his life ends. Spino attacks hungrily, the still warm body and feeds.
Spinosaurus Wins

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